Best of 2000

Best Very Short Stories of 2000

These very short stories - the best of Story Bytes for 2000 - were chosen based entirely upon reader feedback.

They appear in reverse chronological order (newest first).


Three Story House by Patricia Craigen
Can most houses be this large?
128 Words, Published December, 2000

Invitations to Dinner by Lincoln Donald
Is it who we invite, or who is already coming?
512 Words, Published December, 2000

Thankful Thing by M. Stanley Bubien
What's yours?
1024 Words, Published December, 2000


The Working Mother Finds Success by M. Stanley Bubien
Isn't there a saying about success?
16 Words, Published November, 2000

Crutch by M. Stanley Bubien
Friendships must often stand many different kinds of tests.
512 Words, Published November, 2000

The Monster in My Bedroom by Augustus Remier
Monsters are, invariably, found in such places.
512 Words, Published November, 2000


The Great Depression by M. Stanley Bubien
Bunny rabbits. 'Nuff said.
8 Words, Published October, 2000

Banished to My Room by Ray Van Horn, Jr.
Such a common punishment...
256 Words, Published October, 2000

A Rough Translation by M. Stanley Bubien
Often required by the most complex of situations.
512 Words, Published October, 2000


An Awkward Silence by Glynn Sharpe
Because it begs to be broken? Or because we feel obliged to break it?
256 Words, Published September, 2000

Half the Battle by M. Stanley Bubien
And some battles we're given a lifetime to win.
256 Words, Published September, 2000

Dry by M. Stanley Bubien
The concept, while simple, sometimes seems difficult to get across.
512 Words, Published September, 2000


Two Right Feet by Patricia Craigen
Just about everyone has them, but does everyone use them...?
128 Words, Published August, 2000

Just Sand by M. Stanley Bubien
Well... Maybe some salt water too...
256 Words, Published August, 2000

Enka by Jacinda Townsend
Pikeville Elementary. Don't recognize the name. But the place...
512 Words, Published August, 2000

I Planned For This by M. Stanley Bubien
And it's up to time to bring such plans to fruition.
1024 Words, Published August, 2000


Papers by M. Stanley Bubien
Which can be torn up, shredded and destroyed.
512 Words, Published July, 2000

Time Is Everything by M. Stanley Bubien
And that may be all there is to it.
512 Words, Published July, 2000

Broken Promises by Lorraine M. Gregoire
Some wise shoppers are wiser shoppers than others.
1024 Words, Published July, 2000


Death of a Duck Hunter by M. Stanley Bubien
We all gotta go some time...
2 Words, Published June, 2000

The Impossible by M. Stanley Bubien
I've heard that life is filled with impossibilities.
8 Words, Published June, 2000

How Did He Hear? by M. Stanley Bubien
There's a saying: "He who has an ear..."
128 Words, Published June, 2000

Anything Was Better than That by M. Stanley Bubien
Some are born coal miner's daughters, some are coal miner's sons.
512 Words, Published June, 2000


The Grand Illusion by M. Stanley Bubien
Maybe the grandest of them all.
4 Words, Published May, 2000

I Would Not Be Alone by M. Stanley Bubien
Inspired by the music of Patti Smith.
128 Words, Published May, 2000

Frogs Always Get You in the End by Ian Ruthven
With warts at the very least.
256 Words, Published May, 2000


The Last Temptation of Christ by M. Stanley Bubien
...may be the worse temptation of all.
2 Words, Published April, 2000

Angel by Maria Raha
I've heard that they're everywhere.
256 Words, Published April, 2000

The Things You Realize on Your Death-Bed by M. Stanley Bubien
For your last request, make sure it's a good one.
256 Words, Published April, 2000

The Hardest Part About Tyndale by M. Stanley Bubien
Does that include Barclay too?
512 Words, Published April, 2000


My Favorite Shirt by M. Stanley Bubien
It's funny how they get that way.
256 Words, Published March, 2000

River Mist by Florence Cardinal
Mists shroud rivers and other singular mysteries.
256 Words, Published March, 2000


The Automotive History of Me by Toby Estes
They say that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.
512 Words, Published February, 2000

The Bolsheviks Were Ruthless by M. Stanley Bubien
Ah, the things we forget, and the things we remember...
512 Words, Published February, 2000

Grandpa Always Came Through by M. Stanley Bubien
In one way or another...
1024 Words, Published February, 2000


Magic Man by M. Stanley Bubien
Magic comes in many forms.
1024 Words, Published January, 2000

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