128 Words

Three Story House

Patricia Craigen

Bethany slams the door and stomps up the wooden stairs to her attic bedroom. She throws herself back onto the futon and envies the clouds that laze past her skylight. The folding of diapers and sleepers will have to wait.

Libby watches her daughter flounce away and braces against the noise of the slamming door. She sighs as the vibration rocks her second floor suite, and then reaches for her glass of Chardonnay. This attempt at fortification fuels her as she looks up and dials the number of her current lover.

On the ground floor, Betty feels baby Elizabeth startle at the racket from the slamming door, but that echoing sound of anger is lost in the murmur of great-grandma's lullaby. Elizabeth and Betty continue to rock away.

Copyright ©2000 Patricia Craigen. All Rights Reserved.

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Story Bytes


December, 2000
Issue #56

128 Words