128 Words

I Would Not Be Alone

M. Stanley Bubien

The headache won't stop. Even when I rub my temples. Ice doesn't help. Aspirin. Nothing. Thoughts of him keep intruding. Oh, If it wasn't for those words...

"You promised you'd never leave," I had whispered, grasping at his fingers as if they were straws.

"I have no choice."


He tried to run fingers through his hair---so golden once, now thin and stringy---it was like wind in a field of weeds. His eyes, though, still pierced to my very soul.

"Not now." I said. "Never."

"I always..." He whispered, making a futile attempt to squeeze. To hang onto life? Maybe. Or one final gesture, his last comfort. "Love you..." his breath faded.

My temples. I rubbed and rubbed. If it wasn't for those words. Oh...

Inspired by "Libbie's Song" by Patti Smith.

Copyright ©2000 M. Stanley Bubien. All Rights Reserved.

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Story Bytes


May, 2000
Issue #49

128 Words