Story Bytes, Issue #52, August 2000

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128 Word Stories

Two Right Feet by Patricia Craigen
Just about everyone has them, but does everyone use them...?

256 Word Stories

"Almost Heaven" as in "Falling Short of" by Lad Moore
Often we screw around with the idea that there is something for nothing...

The Coiff-Off by Sandy Steinman
Coiffures, like foreign accents, can become terribly enticing.

Just Sand by M. Stanley Bubien
Well... Maybe some salt water too...

512 Word Stories

Enka by Jacinda Townsend
Pikeville Elementary. Don't recognize the name. But the place...

1024 Word Stories

I Planned For This by M. Stanley Bubien
And it's up to time to bring such plans to fruition.

Story Bytes