Best of 1999

Best Very Short Stories of 1999

These very short stories - the best of Story Bytes for 1999 - were chosen based entirely upon reader feedback.

They appear in reverse chronological order (newest first).


The Most Sinful Man in the World by M. Stanley Bubien
He's something of an enigma, like so many of us.
256 Words, Published December, 1999

Sitting Still by W. H. Merklee
Is he setting a trap for love or making a waste of time?
256 Words, Published December, 1999

Endangered Species by Robert Kerr-Doiren
A lot can be lost when only a single species dies out.
2048 Words, Published December, 1999


I'll See You in Hell! by M. Stanley Bubien
I think that's supposed to be a threat.
8 Words, Published November, 1999

Come, Share by M. Stanley Bubien
How large is your roof?
512 Words, Published November, 1999

Cut by Glynn Sharpe
A rapturous moment?
1024 Words, Published November, 1999


The Gravestone Over the Last Tree on Earth by M. Stanley Bubien
Such a complex issue, broken down to basics.
2 Words, Published October, 1999

On Being Watched by Victoria Arico
How many animist pianist have you met?
256 Words, Published October, 1999

My Best Friend Died Last Week by M. Stanley Bubien
Taken from the funeral of Stanley Kubrick.
256 Words, Published October, 1999

The Way to a Horse's Heart by M. Stanley Bubien
We always have priorities of some sort or another.
512 Words, Published October, 1999


No More, No More (In Iambic Pentameter) by Richard K. Weems
Listen to your doctor.
64 Words, Published September, 1999

Until Death Do Us Part by M. Stanley Bubien
Promises are hard to keep, especially for a lifetime.
256 Words, Published September, 1999

Outer Banks by Parris Garnier
How do we remember our fathers?
512 Words, Published September, 1999

The Story of Joe by M. Stanley Bubien
It's a little different than the original...
512 Words, Published September, 1999


Reincarnation by Carlton Mellick III
The possibilities seem endless, but maybe they're not.
128 Words, Published August, 1999

The Anesthesia Would Wear Off by M. Stanley Bubien
Along with so many other things...
256 Words, Published August, 1999

And I Walked onto the Battlefield by M. Stanley Bubien
It's what you do there, though, that matters.
256 Words, Published August, 1999

Now that He Doesn't Stand There by M. Stanley Bubien
Inspired by the words of Christiane Kubrick.
256 Words, Published August, 1999


The Most Hateful Words Ever Heard in this Room by M. Stanley Bubien
Or any room, for that matter.
8 Words, Published July, 1999

Think Good Thoughts by M. Stanley Bubien
The best advice, hard to follow, can also be hard to give.
256 Words, Published July, 1999

Padre by Richard K. Weems
Can a father's touch truly make a difference?
1024 Words, Published July, 1999


The Bad Idea by M. Stanley Bubien
Sort of a theorem. Works for movies, music, and maybe even Microsoft.
8 Words, Published June, 1999

Nothing by M. Stanley Bubien
Funny, the title says it all.
256 Words, Published June, 1999

The Cat Strangler by Richard K. Weems
Some instruments sound better than others---or is that a matter of taste?
512 Words, Published June, 1999

The Family Portrait by Thomas M. Ledin
Could it be that Mr. Bellows was the best photographer who ever lived? Or possibly the worse?
1024 Words, Published June, 1999


The Conflict Between Sides
OR Like a Broken Record by M. Stanley Bubien
Doesn't matter which side you're on...
64 Words, Published May, 1999

Abortion Kiss by J.R. Clubb
For some men, a kiss that's neither supple nor soft.
128 Words, Published May, 1999

Could You Die With That? by M. Stanley Bubien
Some times it's not what you ask, but what you don't.
512 Words, Published May, 1999

It Never Bloomed for Babcia by M. Stanley Bubien
Trees, like secrets, sometimes wait to bear fruit.
1024 Words, Published May, 1999


The Unhappiest Man Who Ever Lived by M. Stanley Bubien
A morality tale, of sorts.
2 Words, Published April, 1999

For Kosovo! by M. Stanley Bubien
Those who forget the past are... are... oh, I forget.
512 Words, Published April, 1999

Salty, Uncomfortable Stains by M. Stanley Bubien
If you could say anything to God, anything at all, what would it be?
512 Words, Published April, 1999

The Snake Killing by Jerry Poyner
When it comes to Crazy Joe Ray Shaw, some ideas aren't always as good as they sound.
2048 Words, Published April, 1999


The Dying Gasp of the Man Who Almost Had It All by M. Stanley Bubien
Our last words are often the most important.
4 Words, Published March, 1999

Or Maybe a Gift by M. Stanley Bubien
Another term, seldom used, for "coincidence."
1024 Words, Published March, 1999

Promise to Tell Me by M. Stanley Bubien
What would your answer be?
128 Words, Published March, 1999


The Colossal Rise and Tragic Fall of the Disney Empire by M. Stanley Bubien
Typical of all great empires.
8 Words, Published February, 1999

Delible Ink on Paper by M. Stanley Bubien
Which must certainly mean that it is erasable.
1024 Words, Published February, 1999

Revenge by Mark Hansen
Sometimes we're so focused on it, it clouds our vision.
1024 Words, Published February, 1999


Conviction by Mimi Carmen
The driving force behind decisions made, and abandoned.
512 Words, Published January, 1999

Living Will by M. Stanley Bubien
Kind of makes you want to go out and write one.
256 Words, Published January, 1999

Scent of Cologne by M. Stanley Bubien
Some find the scent attractive, while others...
1024 Words, Published January, 1999

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