Story Bytes, Issue #38, June 1999

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8 Word Stories

The Bad Idea by M. Stanley Bubien
Sort of a theorem. Works for movies, music, and maybe even Microsoft.

16 Word Stories

Just Another Day for the Childless Couple by M. Stanley Bubien
The answer to the question is inevitable.

256 Word Stories

As Badly as I Expected by M. Stanley Bubien
Good surfing often depends on more than good waves.

Nothing by M. Stanley Bubien
Funny, the title says it all.

512 Word Stories

The Cat Strangler by Richard K. Weems
Some instruments sound better than others---or is that a matter of taste?

1024 Word Stories

The Family Portrait by Thomas M. Ledin
Could it be that Mr. Bellows was the best photographer who ever lived? Or possibly the worse?

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