Best Of 1997

Best Very Short Stories of 1997

These very short stories - the best of Story Bytes for 1997 - were chosen based entirely upon reader feedback.

They appear in reverse chronological order (newest first).


Apocalyptic Prophecy by M. Stanley Bubien
He who has an ear let him hear...
8 Words, published December, 1997

My Son Handed Them to Me by M. Stanley Bubien
What happens when the best laid plans go amiss.
512 Words, published December, 1997

To Joy Yes by M. Stanley Bubien
Music has the power to move.
512 Words, published December, 1997


Attempted Assassination by M. Stanley Bubien
How one of the 20th Century's most ominous days began.
1024 Words, published November, 1997

Ode to Nietzsche by M. Stanley Bubien
"Actions speak louder than words" -- Nietzsche did not say that, did he?
512 Words, published November, 1997

Regresar by M. Stanley Bubien
Home, as they say, is where the heart is.
2048 Words, published November, 1997

Soul Searching - The Basics by M. Stanley Bubien
If we look deeply enough...
16 Words, published November, 1997


BB Gun by M. Stanley Bubien
Guns---even BB guns---can hold the power to life and death.
1024 Words, published October, 1997

The Failure of Reincarnation by M. Stanley Bubien
What if you could live life all over again?
16 Words, published October, 1997

Second Chances by M. Stanley Bubien
In life, there are so, so many mistakes where we get another chance.
256 Words, published October, 1997


Cybernetics 101 - Implementing Life in Intelligent Forms
Lesson One
by M. Stanley Bubien
Your first, most basic lesson.
32 Words, published September, 1997

A Matter of Honor by M. Stanley Bubien
How long can a wound be bourne? Even a lifetime?
2048 Words, published September, 1997

Stupidity---the Great Equalizer by M. Stanley Bubien
Some things draw us together...
512 Words, published September, 1997


Advance in Cloning Disclosed - Lab Yields Lamb with Human Gene
An Excerpt from The Island of Doctor Moreau by H.G. Wells
Things aren't exactly the way Wells envisioned. Or are they?
A Clone Story. 32 Words, published August, 1997

Judgement Day by M. Stanley Bubien
Evidence can be convicting in more ways than one.
256 Words, published August, 1997

Rat Deliverer by Thomas Sennett
Some jobs, like some lives, are better than others.
256 Words, published August, 1997


The Heart of Christ by M. Stanley Bubien
Be careful what you pray for...
256 Words, published July, 1997

Honey Baboon by Thomas Sennett
People often find comfort in the most unusual places.
512 Words, published July, 1997

My Grandfather's Hands by M. Stanley Bubien
Grandparents are precious for so many reasons.
256 Words, published July, 1997

Pediatric Analgesics by Thomas Sennett
Ah, the things you hear in a doctor's office.
256 Words, published July, 1997


Berry Perfume by M. Stanley Bubien
A brief revellation inspired by a chance encounter.
256 Words, published June, 1997

Friend or Foe? by M. Stanley Bubien
It's a thin line.
16 Words, published June, 1997

I Cannot Yet Staunch Your Flow by M. Stanley Bubien
Pain brings tears and more when embraced.
512 Words, published June, 1997

A Superior Vocabulary by Thomas Sennett
Kids say the funniest things.
512 Words, published June, 1997


A Computer-Generated Story by Looflirpa
What's in a name? Perhaps everything.
64 Words, published May, 1997

A Face in the Doorway by M. Stanley Bubien
Wasn't there a commercial once that went something like, "Parts is parts"?
A Clone Story. 256 Words, published May, 1997

My Best Friend's Motorbike by M. Stanley Bubien
It can take a lot to drive friends apart.
512 Words, published May, 1997


After All's Said and Done by M. Stanley Bubien
Just one question, asked non-challantly, almost as if, for a moment, it even really mattered.
A Clone Story. 256 Words, published April, 1997

Difficult to Remember by M. Stanley Bubien
Justice can sometimes be a matter of perspective.
256 Words, published April, 1997

The Watering Hole by M. Stanley Bubien
Wishes are sometimes made from below, sometimes from above.
512 Words, published April, 1997


I Needed a Miracle by M. Stanley Bubien
What do you do when driven to despair?
256 Words, published March, 1997

Hoping for a Pealing by M. Stanley Bubien
It's hard when your morning routine gets interrupted.
16 Words, published March, 1997


And the Rain Fell Harder by M. Stanley Bubien
One man's quest for truth.
512 Words, published February, 1997.

Surfing on the Net - or - Walking the Web by M. Stanley Bubien
Feels like that all the time.
2 Words, published February, 1997.

Without an Enemy Left in the World by M. Stanley Bubien
An alternate reality---for better or worse?
256 Words, published February, 1997.


The Answer of Theodicy by M. Stanley Bubien
It really has nothing to do with karma.
32 Words, published January, 1997.

The Eternal Ocean by M. Stanley Bubien
Sometimes we're blind to our own hopes.
256 Words, published January, 1997.

Why I Give Blood Every Eight Weeks Without Fail by M. Stanley Bubien
A simple explanation.
256 Words, published January, 1997.

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