Story Bytes, Issue #14, June 1997

8 Word Stories

The Porno Capital of the World Welcomes You! by M. Stanley Bubien
Welcomes come in many forms.

16 Word Stories

Friend or Foe? by M. Stanley Bubien
It's a thin line.

256 Word Stories

Berry Perfume by M. Stanley Bubien
A brief revellation inspired by a chance encounter.

Fighting Your Instincts by M. Stanley Bubien
It's what separates us men from the animals.

512 Word Stories

I Cannot Yet Staunch Your Flow by M. Stanley Bubien
Pain brings tears and more when embraced.

A Little Computer Trouble by Anonymous
A true story worthy of passing along.

A Superior Vocabulary by Thomas Sennett
Kids say the funniest things.

You'll Never Touch Me by M. Stanley Bubien
Even preachers have lonely moments---especially when they forget.


Episode 11 -- He's a Woman. She's a Man. by M. Stanley Bubien
A not-so-routine discovery.

Story Bytes