Story Bytes, Issue #16, August 1997

32 Word Stories

Coffee in the Can by James Anthony Anuskiewicz and M. Stanley Bubien
Gives "Just say no" a whole new meaning.

64 Word Stories

Advance in Cloning Disclosed - Lab Yields Lamb with Human Gene
An Excerpt from The Island of Doctor Moreau by H.G. Wells
Things aren't exactly the way Wells envisioned. Or are they?

128 Word Stories

It's Not Supposed to Happen that Way by M. Stanley Bubien
It's more or less begging for an explanation.

256 Word Stories

Attitude by M. Stanley Bubien
Everyone has a limit as to what disgusts them.

Judgement Day by M. Stanley Bubien
Evidence can be convicting in more ways than one.

Rat Deliverer by Thomas Sennett
Some jobs, like some lives, are better than others.

512 Word Stories

A Game of Golf by M. Stanley Bubien
It ain't a great workout, but maybe there's something to it anyway.

The Power by Florence Cardinal
Many strange and unusual things happen out in space.


Two Four Six Eight...
A Series of Story Bytes
by Alex Keegan
Funny how things can start out small and grow and grow from there.

Story Bytes