Best of 2003

Best Very Short Stories of 2003

These very short stories - the best of Story Bytes for 2003 - were chosen based entirely upon reader feedback.

They appear in reverse chronological order (newest first).


The Question of Race by M. Stanley Bubien
You know, the one that needs to be asked.
2 Words, Published November, 2003

The Autobiography of Kurt Cobain by M. Stanley Bubien
Know it's wrong so what should I do?
4 Words, Published November, 2003

I Am Solace by Jeffrey N. Johnson
Sacrifice. Isn't that what friends do?
128 Words, Published November, 2003


The Beginning of a Dream by M. Stanley Bubien
One of many possibilities.
8 Words, Published October, 2003

Meeting God by M. Stanley Bubien
Not as uncommon as you might think...
64 Words, Published October, 2003

Anything Was Better than That by M. Stanley Bubien
Inspired by... and a tribute to... the late Johnny Cash.
512 Words, Published October, 2003


Desire by M. Stanley Bubien
Perhaps the most basic of them all.
4 Words, Published Aug/Sept, 2003

My Favorite Shirt by M. Stanley Bubien
It's funny how they get that way.
256 Words, Published Aug/Sept, 2003


The Remnants of His Touch by M. Stanley Bubien
...are sometimes all that's left of lost love.
256 Words, Published July, 2003

The Defence of Fort M'Henry
(Introduction Excerpted from Analectic Magazine, 1814)
by Francis Scott Key
Then, in the hour of deliverance and joyful triumph, my heart spoke...
512 Words, Published July, 2003


A Fable for Young Poets or
A Brief Note on the Short, Brilliant Career of John George
by Lindsay Polak
Is the same true for great story telling as well?
1024 Words, Published June, 2003

Werld Peas by Cliff J. Frog
Well, I for one am for it!
1024 Words, Published June, 2003


A Perfect Moment in Time by M. Stanley Bubien
Just one part of man's eternal pursuit.
0 Words, Published May, 2003

The Gift by M. Stanley Bubien
Usually given, but some take away.
4 Words, Published May, 2003

The Three Stigmata by M. Stanley Bubien
That's right, three and only three.
32 Words, Published May, 2003


The Great Love Story of History by M. Stanley Bubien
Timeless and eternal, though maybe that's redundant.
8 Words, Published April, 2003

The Anesthesia Would Wear Off by M. Stanley Bubien
As in so many things, it's the lingering effect.
256 Words, Published April, 2003

Cat Fancy by Louis Strack
I'm allergic to cats... Thank God! -Ed.
512 Words, Published April, 2003


Grandfather Change by M. Stanley Bubien
A Valentine's Day Tribute to grand-folk young and old.
512 Words, Published March, 2003

And I Have Wings by M. Stanley Bubien
And surely this must be all that is needed to soar.
512 Words, Published March, 2003

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