Best of 2001

Best Very Short Stories of 2001

These very short stories - the best of Story Bytes for 2001 - were chosen based entirely upon reader feedback.

They appear in reverse chronological order (newest first).


Christmas In Tinsel Town by Carmen Ruggero
Could be Christmas almost anywhere.
512 Words, Published December, 2001

Sunday Promise by Lad Moore
A brief memoir...
512 Words, Published December, 2001


Skipping Stones by Glynn Sharpe
Isn't it the universal game we all play at some time or another?
256 Words, Published November, 2001

The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes
Not so old, yet almost ancient; a thanks to McKennitt and Phipps.
1024 Words, Published November, 2001


Within the Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
My arrival abrupt. My departure...
32 Words, Published October, 2001

Suffer the Little Children by James D. Wright
"...for of such is the kingdom of God."
256 Words, Published October, 2001


Too Late by M. Stanley Bubien
Today, yes, but tomorrow... probably...
8 Words, Published August, 2001

The Letter from Massie by Dominic Martia
Some letters can awake us to the most unexpected of realities.
128 Words, Published August, 2001

We Don't Need Oxygen by Stephen Tucker
Sometimes not, but others...
128 Words, Published August, 2001


"Meno y Rosa" by M. Stanley Bubien
Love, most worthy of being inscribed.
128 Words, Published July, 2001

Excuses by Lynn Gordon
A brief, didactic interlude.
256 Words, Published July, 2001


It Hurts by Denise Howard
Who was it that said there are two sides to every story?
256 Words, Published June, 2001

Paisley My Sky by Glynn Sharpe
One of my favorite colors for a sky.
256 Words, Published June, 2001


The Counterrevolutionary Saves a Nation by M. Stanley Bubien
With the most effective means...
2 Words, Published May, 2001

Amendment I: Freedom of Speech (And All the Rights and Privileges Thereof) by M. Stanley Bubien
And that just about says it all.
8 Words, Published May, 2001

Loss by Gene Schmidt
One of the worse feelings in the world...
64 Words, Published May, 2001


The Final Battle, Part I
The Half-Deaf King Negotiating at the Table
by M. Stanley Bubien
Remember, the story ain't over until Part II.
4 Words, Published April, 2001

The Final Battle, Part II
The Steadfast Soldier and Just Cause
by M. Stanley Bubien
Ah, as in so many finals, the first part is imperative.
512 Words, Published April, 2001

Let It Go by M. Stanley Bubien
Inspired by the words of Steven Meincke.
128 Words, Published April, 2001

Leaving Sarah Behind by Glynn Sharpe
Is it where you leave, or how?
256 Words, Published April, 2001


Pure Reflex by M. Stanley Bubien
Is it?
4 Words, Published March, 2001

Kissing It Goodbye by Gary E. Holland
Sometimes we are privileged to witness the rarest of events.
256 Words, Published March, 2001

A Different Kind of Careful by M. Stanley Bubien
Often goes hand-in-hand with practicality.
512 Words, Published March, 2001


An Answer to Prayer by M. Stanley Bubien
As in so many things, consider the question.
2 Words, Published February, 2001

Dancing on a Pin by Gary E. Holland
The oldest of questions sometimes reap unexpected answers.
256 Words, Published February, 2001

Fleeing Miss Horace by Lad Moore
The world might be different if all of us were allowed just one little peek.
512 Words, Published February, 2001


The Unforgiven by M. Stanley Bubien
Different from the film version, except maybe in the end.
8 Words, Published January, 2001

One, Two, Three... And So On by W. Eric Martin
The beginning of the sequence.
64 Words, Published January, 2001

O For the Wonderful Love by M. Stanley Bubien
Music, sung by the most beautiful voice, can it be anything but... beautiful?
256 Words, Published January, 2001

She'll Never Admit by M. Stanley Bubien
Apologies, if offered, often need to be accepted.
1024 Words, Published January, 2001

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