Music Stories

Music Stories

Just as music frees your mind, opens your heart and touches your soul, these very short stories - born from the music of the ages - may tame and inspire you as well.

Each very short story has been arranged by musical genre.


Rock N' Roll


Classical Music

The Cat Strangler by Richard K. Weems
Some instruments sound better than others---or is that a matter of taste?
512 Words, Published June, 1999

Heroic Tragedy by M. Stanley Bubien
A moment of passion could rob the world...
512 Words, published March, 1998

To Joy Yes by M. Stanley Bubien
Sometimes the power to move rests not in the music, but the musician.
512 Words, published December, 1997

Rock Music

The Autobiography of Kurt Cobain by M. Stanley Bubien
Know it's wrong so what should I do?
4 Words, Published November, 2003

Mortality Part I - The Curse by M. Stanley Bubien
Yes, Roy Baty said it best.
4 Words, published March, 1998

Mortality Part II - The Blessing by M. Stanley Bubien
There is no Part III, unless maybe it's somewhere between.
4 Words, published March, 1998

Soul Searching - The Basics by M. Stanley Bubien
If we look deeply enough...
16 Words, published November, 1997

My Night at the KISS Concert by M. Stanley Bubien
There's more to the show than the music. Especially true for these guys.
64 Words, published October, 1996

The Styles They Play by M. Stanley Bubien
Now this, this is ironic.
64 Words, published May, 1996

I Would Not Be Alone by M. Stanley Bubien
Inspired by the music of Patti Smith.
128 Words, Published May, 2000

And Isn't it Ironic?
Degrees Explored from Triviality to Tragedy
by M. Stanley Bubien
If you don't think about it, it's a good song.
256 Words, published May, 1996

Sitting Still by W. H. Merklee
Is he setting a trap for love or making a waste of time?
256 Words, Published December, 1999

The Question of a Lifetime by M. Stanley Bubien
You never know when you might bump into someone you know.
512 Words, published July, 1998

Folk/Traditional Music

Anything Was Better than That by M. Stanley Bubien
Some are born coal miner's daughters, some are coal miner's sons.
512 Words, Published June, 2000 and October, 2003

Arthur McBride Traditional
Folk songs often tell the greatest stories.
512 Words, Published January, 1999

The Day After Christmas by M. Stanley Bubien
Sometimes saving our souls simply takes a song.
512 Words, published January, 1997

Free Man Now by M. Stanley Bubien
Freedom, often taken for granted, can come in many forms.
256 Words, Published January, 1999

I Cannot Yet Staunch Your Flow by M. Stanley Bubien
Pain brings tears and more when embraced.
512 Words, published June, 1997

A Passing on in the Night by M. Stanley Bubien
Inspired by a Mary Chapin Carpenter song.
512 Words, published August, 1996

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