128 Words

Abortion Kiss

J.R. Clubb

I was wearing a T-shirt of a fetus in a womb. In shiny blue letters it said, BE MY BABY. She rubbed my belly and I pushed out my tummy to pretend the baby kicked. She thought that was cute. We both had on our bare feet and the grass was yellow because it hadn't rained for weeks. She had a little cut on her chin and when we kissed, it started to bleed. Blood dripped on my shirt and covered the baby's nose and mouth. She called it an abortion kiss. I never washed the shirt again. She moved in ungainly bounds towards her freedom of action. She inhaled the oppressive stillness of air and exhaled ocean mist. Our sideways ship drifted leeward of the desired course.

Copyright ©1999 J.R. Clubb. All Rights Reserved.

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Story Bytes


May, 1999
Issue #37

128 Words