Story Bytes, Issue #37, May 1999

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64 Word Stories

The Conflict Between Sides
OR Like a Broken Record by M. Stanley Bubien
Doesn't matter which side you're on...

128 Word Stories

Abortion Kiss by J.R. Clubb
For some men, a kiss that's neither supple nor soft.

512 Word Stories

Could You Die With That? by M. Stanley Bubien
Sometimes it's not what you ask, but what you don't.

1024 Word Stories

Cannibal Dreams by Lisa E. Cote
Can*ni*bal: n. One that eats the flesh of its own kind.

It Never Bloomed for Babcia by M. Stanley Bubien
Trees, like secrets, often wait to bear fruit.

Uncle Basil by Joseph Lerner
They say there's one in every crowd... er... family.

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