Holiday Stories

Very Short Stories for the Holidays

Holidays play an important role in all our lives. The very short stories collected here were written both in contemplation and celebration of these holidays.




My Son Handed Them to Me by M. Stanley Bubien
What happens when the best laid plans go amiss.
512 Words, published December, 1997

The Rich Man and the Poor Man -- A Parable for Thanksgiving by M. Stanley Bubien
Rich or poor, there's at least one gift we can always give.
1024 Words, published November, 1996

Thankful Thing by M. Stanley Bubien
What's yours?
1024 Words, Published December, 2000


Holiday Computer Shopping Made Easy by M. Stanley Bubien
Just a wee bit of holiday silliness...
8 Words, Published Jan/Feb, 2004

Arthur McBride Traditional
Folk songs often tell the greatest stories.
512 Words, Published January, 1999

Christmas In Tinsel Town by Carmen Ruggero
Could be Christmas almost anywhere.
512 Words, Published December, 2001

The Day After Christmas by M. Stanley Bubien
Just how does the Spirit wear off so quickly?
512 Words, published January, 1998

The Carriage by Mimi Carmen
Small gifts sometimes carry large repercussions.
1024 Words, published April, 1998

Magic Man by M. Stanley Bubien
Magic comes in many forms.
1024 Words, published January, 1998

Scent of Cologne by M. Stanley Bubien
Some find the scent attractive, while others...
1024 Words, Published January, 1999

She'll Never Admit by M. Stanley Bubien
Apologies, if offered, often need to be accepted.
1024 Words, Published January, 2001 and Jan/Feb, 2004

Great Physician by M. Stanley Bubien
How did you decide what you wanted to be when you grew up?
2048 Words, published January, 1998

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