128 Words

Sudden Morning Muse

Glynn Sharpe

He felt the mattress sink as she lifted the blankets and slid into the bed with him. Her body, warm, coiled into his.

"Where have you been?" he moaned.

"I've been with you the whole time," she purred as she pulled his hair away from his ear.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her closer. He could feel her pulse beating through his fingers. She leaned closer and whispered into his ear. Her moist breath tickled his neck and spilled over his chest. Her voice, soft and lyrical, beat against him like a moth's wing. Images and thoughts flooded his mind as he drifted back into sleep.

The alarm clock, belligerent and unfeeling, jarred him awake. He left the empty bed and turned on his computer before urinating.

Copyright ©2004 Glynn Sharpe. All Rights Reserved.

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Story Bytes


April/May, 2004
Issue #88

128 Words