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whose house? danns house.


chistoff has decided to sleep his way up the corporate ladder. Starting with his boss a mr gustav mustlowskovich. a russian imigrant with a rough skinned mustache of a face, and a 16 inch circumcised parrot that sits on his shoulder for most of the day light hours, only leaving his shoulder at night to fly over the city remembering the true darkness of the jungle when it shuts its eyes.

jamie on the other hand has taken to wriggling underneath the coffee table whenever we have company. Normally he does this in his dressing gown. Rarely leaving his bed, cereal has become precious to him and he hordes marshmallow pieces and those half slices of dried banana, he thinks I don't know but I searched his bedroom and found a whole bag beneath his bed labeled KEEP OUT!.

mat worked himself up into a frenzy about the hole in the middle of the living room floor last night. he kept us all awake well in to the night screaming and wailing, when we woke up the next morning, we found he had filled the hole with socks and was sitting in the corner of the sofa looking extremely self satisfied.

'stephen' or 'stef' or even 'baby roger' as he has come to be called pines the loss of his van with renewed vigor. His grief has made him spiteful and his inner rage has become expressed most predominantly in booby trapping the sugar bowl and hiding at the top of the stairs with a lassoo.

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Aug/Sept, 2003
Issue #83

256 Words