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Each of the following sites exemplify the attitude of having Moof! in Mind!

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Mac OS X

That's right, Apple's next generation operating system. It's friendly enough to for your Granny to use, but powerful enough to give hardened Unix gurus palpatations... but call it "EX" please! Don't trust me? Just trying saying "OS ten ten point two" X times fast!)

Well, whadaya wanna know? Chances are, if it has anything to do with OS X, you'll find it at Mac OS X Hints. Anything ranging from Finder quirkiness to Unix insanity, it's all here and more!

Call OS X what you will... Its icons rule!!! And XIcons is the best overall repository for OS X Icons on the Net... or anywhere! Be warned, though, XIcons carries popup ads, and as good as the Icons are, those popups bite!


Who is this Guy? If you were ever involved with the Macintosh EvangeList, you'd know! 'Twas a mailing for those who forever understand that Macs rule! Defunct now, but this spot remains out of respect those who guarded the Macintosh Way through active and positive measures.

Sadly, the Church of the Macintosh Evangelist is defunct. Our prayers go with them.

Whoa, is it me, or all the Macintosh Evanglism sites dead? Could it because the Mac rocks so hard, we don't need 'em anymore? Or is it that Steve Jobs has the press eating out of the palm of his greasy little hands, and all that doom and gloom has gone the way of Gil Amelio? I'd bank on the latter, but then again, I don't have a lotta money...


MacAddict Magazine. Winners of the CPA "Best Overall Magazine" award. They're fun and full of solid content---all without taking themselves too seriously. They're definitely published with Moof! in Mind! Now if we could just figure out what CPA stands for.

Tidbits. An e-mailed e-zine that discusses Macintosh issues relating to the Internet. They're honest and informative, and they've been around a long time now, so they definitely know what they're talking about.

Surfer's rule, dude! And at Surfer Magazine, they're proving it. A site that's 100% Mac made, filled with Quicktime MooVs, and about real surfing! (No, actual surfers don't think "Surfing the Net" is anywhere near real surfing.)

Inside Mac Games - a zine solely devoted to Mac Games. All right! Even if you don't subscribe, their site has some great gaming info and downloads. And their News section isn't simply bits-and-pieces slapped together, but reported with their own take on the issues.

The guys who started The Mac Report have one main goal in mind: fill the gap left by the fall of MacWeek. Also a subtle (and unintentional?) statement that Ziff-Davis sorta sucks when it comes to Mac support. The Mac Report is so well done, you'd swear it's a full-blown, paper-printed magazine.

MacNow magazine just got started in June of 1998, but they've got a great staff, and the only monthly Mac-specific column on NetQuake---written by a guy who calls himself Pie!


The Cult of Macintosh. "First and foremost a labour of love. A tribute to men and women who made Mac what it is today and what it will be tomorrow and beyond." Talk about having Moof! in Mind!

O'Grady's PowerPage. Informative and slightly sassy, O'Grady's got the scoop on the all the latest PowerBook news, views and insider information.

MacOS Rumors. The name says everything---all the leaked and unverified info you'll ever see in one place without a lawyer present.

The online MacinStuff Times. One of the first Macintosh news resources on the Web. Their interface has improved, and their facts are just as good as ever.

Tired of all that serious stuff? Ready for a few surprises? Then take a gander at Apple Easter Eggs! It's the definitive collection of all the Easter Eggs Apple's ever put into their software or hardware---useless stuff like credit screens, images, and even games! (yet another reason the Mac rules)---plus some bonus Eggs from other developers. There's even tips on how to go on an Easter Egg hunt of your own!

Hot Links! It's a great general site of links that's obviously Made with Moof! in Mind! Hey, it's dedicated to Clarus---what more can you say?


Here's where to find the Dogcow's creator, Susan Kare. She designed many of the icons and fonts that shipped with the original Macintosh (check her portfolio to see some), and she's even got a cool icon of the week.

Sara's Icon Parade may be in the running for "World's Worse URL," but don't let that stop you! Sara's built a great starting point for all things icon, the vast majority of which are Mac icons---even at the off-site links. Woo hoo! Yet another little-known area where the Mac just plain rules!


FoxTrot, a comic strip by Bill Amend. Starring Andy, Roger, Peter, Paige and Jason Fox. Andy writes her syndicated column with a Mac---that is, whenever Jason (who gets bleary-eyed when you say "150 Megahertz PowerPC Processor") isn't playing Doomathon, or Roger isn't destroying the harddrive. Also, check out Slug-Man, The Video Game, produced by Bill Amend, and provided for Macintosh only!

It's The Macintosh Bathroom Reader! How can this not be Made with Moof! in Mind!? It's got style, it's got attitude, and it's got the history behind the Macintosh (if you don't get enough here). And you already know where you'll be reading it!

Story Bytes - Very Short Fiction. Yep, shameless plug---as if those stupid banner ads weren't enough! But this was the very first site Made with Moof! in Mind! so it deserves some credit. A 13-year Internet veteran designed the stories specifically to be read online. Besides, the idea of a 2 word story is just plain insane---and maybe even insanely great!


Can't have a Moof! in Mind! site without a link to these guys. You know who they are. But do you know who's in charge?

The antithesis of all that is Moof! in Mind!???


The InfoMac Hyperarchive. No glitzy interface or flashy graphics. Just a searchable archive of Macintosh shareware. But anyone who provides something like this has to have Moof! in Mind!

Still hungry for Mac stuff to sink your teeth into? Looking for the cheapest meal in town? Then Mac's Diner is the place for you! It lists as much hardware, software, cheapware and freeware as even the most hardened Mac lover could stomach. Mmm mmm good!

HeadRoom, the headphone gang, may not have a Mac-related site, and maybe it's even made on a PeeCee (stupid ".htm"). But once you pay 'em a visit, you'll have to agree that these geeks have enough 'tude to turn Steve Jobs bondi blue with envy.

Here's how to tell the world your Web site was made with Macintosh. You can also use the Made with Moof! in Mind! trailer.

Use the Made with Moof! in Mind! trailer in your own home page. This will download a Macintosh format self-extracting archive including: (1) the HTML source for the Made with Moof! in Mind! trailer, and (2) two different sets of dogcow images. Just cut and paste the HTML, and you're ready to rock n' roll!

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