Story Bytes, Issue #31, November 1998

4 Word Stories

The Hopeless Prophet's Gravestone by M. Stanley Bubien
Prophets are a grim bunch, after all.

16 Word Stories

Machismo: The Bare Essence by M. Stanley Bubien
Sure, the first part is easy. But it's the second part that makes all the difference.

128 Word Stories

Out There by Alex Keegan
Oh the sacrifices we make.

256 Word Stories

The Remnants of His Touch by M. Stanley Bubien
After a lifetime, this may be the only thing that remains.

512 Word Stories

The River Crossing by Alex Keegan
To avoid death sometimes we must do the unthinkable.

1024 Word Stories

The Sign on the Bus by M. Stanley Bubien
It's not necessarily what the sign says, but how you react to it.

Story Bytes