Story Bytes, Issue #30, October 1998

4 Word Stories

The Alcoholic Speaks by M. Stanley Bubien
And when the alcoholic speaks, people listen.

512 Word Stories

The Most Important Thing by M. Stanley Bubien
Some people ask "What's in a name?" Some people answer "Everything."

Tell Everything by Richard K. Weems
The devil, they say, is in the details.

A Trip to the Edge of the World by Shaun Robinson
It's often said that it's not the destination, but rather the journey.

The Woodsman, Weeping by Joseph Lerner
In forgiveness, is it the giving or the receiving that is the most difficult?

1024 Word Stories

A Psalm for Emily by Glynn Sharpe
Psalm n.: A sacred song or poem used in worship, esp. one of the
biblical hymns collected in the Book of Psalms.

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