Story Bytes, Issue #28, August 1998

8 Word Stories

Unresolved by Matthew McIntyre
Just like so many things in life...

128 Word Stories

Fred by Jenny Mathis
Everyone has a bad day once in a while; it's dealing with it that's key.

512 Word Stories

All the Best Surfers by M. Stanley Bubien
We learn from the best of them, often even more than we anticipate.

The Gravedigger's Love Song by Steven Duggar
Men digging at graves---what do they think of?

1024 Word Stories

White Horse Winner by Thomas Sennett
There are two types of people in the world: winners and losers.

2048 Word Stories

First Duty by M. Stanley Bubien
There are priorities and there are priorities and we are so often forced to choose.

Story Bytes