Best of 2002

Best Very Short Stories of 2002

These very short stories - the best of Story Bytes for 2002 - were chosen based entirely upon reader feedback.

They appear in reverse chronological order (newest first).


The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America by M. Stanley Bubien
In Memoriam: United States Vetrans Day, 2002
4 Words, Published December, 2002

Everyday Was a Sunday by Kunal Goel
Something many people often wish were true...
128 Words, Published December, 2002


If God Is for Me, Who Can Be Against Me?
(Romans 8:31)
by M. Stanley Bubien
As a whole, sad... But true?
1 Word, Published November, 2002

The Stench of Evil by M. Stanley Bubien
A Halloween story... Not originally run on Halloween!
256 Words, Published November, 2002

What the Sea Snark Said when it Talked by Robert Champagne
Profound words, to say the least.
256 Words, Published November, 2002


September 11th, 2002 by M. Stanley Bubien
How you interpret it depends on where you put the emphasis.
2 Words, Published October, 2002

Souls by Jerry Poyner
Intertwined, inevitably, with doughnuts.
512 Words, Published October, 2002

The First Printout from the Joint Artificial
Computer Knowledge (JACK) Project
by M. Stanley Bubien
Do the thanks go to Kubrick, or to King?
1024 Words, Published October, 2002


When Life Gives You Lemons... by M. Stanley Bubien
The same goes for annoying sayings.
4 Words, Published Aug/Sept, 2002

Theology 101 by Kathy Bubien
For some the basics are more basic than for others.
8 Words, Published Aug/Sept, 2002

The Long Walk Home by Paul M. Tag
And some walks are certainly longer than others.
128 Words, Published Aug/Sept, 2002


The Sound at Night by Bryan Farrow
The trick is when you hear, to listen... and look.
256 Words, Published July, 2002

Kitty by Richard Jordan
I guess if you can survive your allergy, cats are good companions.
512 Words, Published July, 2002


The Life and Times of the Laziest Man Who Ever Lived by M. Stanley Bubien
Hopefully not too autobiographical.

Called on Account of Darkness by Cynthia Kim
A dilemma every game faces eventually.
256 Words, Published June, 2002

Memorial Day by M. Stanley Bubien
n : U.S., Last Monday in May; appointed for commemorating...
512 Words, Published June, 2002


Reaching the Black Hole by M. Stanley Bubien
A brief lesson in relativity. Or is it reality?
4 Words, Published May, 2002

The Car and the Melon by Dann Casswell
Lessons in the psychology, geometry and physics of inanimate objects.
512 Words, Published May, 2002

Something to be Said by Lad Moore
Interesting how the largest of states has the smallest of towns.
512 Words, Published May, 2002


For Whose Sake by Vanitha Sankaran
And whoever said 'To be or not to be' is the question?
256 Words, Published April, 2002

Comfort Call by Jeffrey N. Johnson
Cold or warm, seems we all need one sometimes.
512 Words, Published April, 2002


Just Like Falling in Love All Over Again by M. Stanley Bubien
A brief interlude for the best of Valentines.
4 Words, Published March, 2002

Clueless by M. Stanley Bubien
Ah yes, a disease of the preconceived.
16 Words, Published March, 2002

The Jesus Chicken by Dann Casswell
I have heard that Jesus loves everyone after all...
512 Words, Published March, 2002


The Paradox of Humanity by M. Stanley Bubien
John 11:35 - As in all things human, oh the context.
2 Words, Published Jan/Feb, 2002

The Man Who Cried I Am by M. Stanley Bubien
Not sure if Mr. Williams deserves an apology... probably.
8 Words, Published Jan/Feb, 2002

Kaiser Bill by Lad Moore
There's no substitute for mystique.
512 Words, Published Jan/Feb, 2002

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