Carve Magazine. "It's possible... to write about commonplace things and objects..., and to endow these things - a chair, a window curtain, a fork, a stone, a woman's earring - with immense, even startling power..." (Raymond Carver)
The Fiction and Poetry Society. A collection, expose, melange, of many forms of fiction and poetry. A great stop-over for both readers and writers alike.
InterText One of the original online publications. Still going strong, and publishing some of the best fiction---especially Science Fiction---around.
eSCENE "The world's best online fiction." eSCENE only accepts submissions once per year, and then only as recommended by online eZine editors. A guest editor then chooses their favorites to be included.
Cyber Quotations provides inspirational quotations, stories, poems and other resources to inspire and motivate -- geared toward the purpose of individual success!
The Inspirational Stories Site is a collection of stories that (yep) inspire. They prove, though, that inspiration can come in many forms, touching your life in oh so many places---if you let it.
The Maltshop Press Dedicated to ideas in all forms of expression, whether they be poetry, prose, fact, fiction, songs or art. A great place to get exposure to a variety of genres in one shot.

Obsession It can control, destroy or even end a person's life. In Obsession's stories you catch a glimpse of people living very different lives, each with one thing in common - persistent ideas or thoughts dominating a person's mind: obsession.
The Passing Show The Passing Show is Life and how we all live it. Here we will observe it and comment on what we see.
The Rose & Thorn is a bi-monthly literary e-zine for both readers and writers. The stories are organized by genre, like fantasy or romance, so you can find exactly what you're for very easily.
Snapshots, Tales of Mystery and Horror -- Very short ones at that! It's an advertisement, yes, but the site does include sample stories from the book (in their brief entirety).
TUA Online Poetry, stories, and viewpoints covering a variety of issues in contemporary society. And, hey, it's also an e-mailed e-zine! Now that sounds familiar, hmmm...


About Teens is a site devoted to different aspects of teen life, including short stories by and for a teenagers. Plus they've got jokes, pictures and book reviews!
The Earthproject intended for the interdisciplinary exchange of thoughts concerning the ecology and future. You can take part in the discussion, revolving around subjects such as science, economy and culture (where you'll find stories and poetry). Talk about a winning Site name! They post fiction and poetry, and for a fee, will edit your work. A good way to get constructive feedback for new writers. And if you're an experienced author, they'll post your story unedited free of charge---a great way to increases exposure.
The WriteGallery. A Site about Creative Writing that focuses on "young" authors. Don't let that "young" part fool you---the Site's got some great fiction, poetry and essays.
The World War I Document Archive provides transcripts of many important papers from the Great War, plus it includes little-known historical background of several major events (like the abortive assassination attempt on Archduke Franz Ferdinand), biographies, and even several first-hand personal accounts of the war.
JobBank USA. Looking for a writing job? Or any job for that matter? JobBank USA may be able to help! They specialize in providing career information, including job and resume database services to job candidates, employers and recruitment firms in the U.S. and worldwide.


Desert Wind. Given a vision, SuSaan, a young Kwaaymii Indian, struggles to save a desert village from destruction. Desert Wind is a Young Adult novel seeking publication. View a sample chapter, synopsis, and information about the Kwaaymii Indians.
Global Imaging Totally unrelated to anything literary, but can you say "Day Job"? Global Imaging provides satellite tracking, acquisition and processing systems. Sounds technical, but it means getting those Weather Photos you see on the evening News from the Satellites. Global's Site was also designed and implemented by the Story Bytes Webmaster.

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