World War I Stories

The British refer to World War I as "The Great War." But the Second World War overshadowed it in holocaust and in the shaping of modern history. Thus we may also call World War I "The Forgotten War." These very short stories (many of them true) explore experiences, ironies, tragedies and triumphs of this Great and Forgotten War.

Though the author(s) may have taken some liberties for dramatic purposes in these very short stories, every effort has been made to assure accuracy and consistency with the depicted historic events of World War I. If you find any errors concerning historocity, please feel free to contact the editor.

These very short stories have been arranged by approximate date.

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For Kosovo! by M. Stanley Bubien
Those who forget the past are... are... oh, I forget.
512 Words, Published April, 1999

Attempted Assassination by M. Stanley Bubien
How one of the 20th Century's most ominous days began.
1024 Words, published November, 1997

Delible Ink on Paper by M. Stanley Bubien
Which must certainly mean that it is erasable.
1024 Words, Published February, 1999

A Moment of Indecision by M. Stanley Bubien
Everyone faces such moments. But sometimes the consequences are greater than others.
1024 Words, published January, 1998


The Devil's Trap by M. Stanley Bubien
Truer words were never spoken - but truth is often a double-edged sword.
512 Words, published February, 1998


A Scratch on the Nose by Captain Philippe Millet
From a conversation with a British Soldier during WWI.
32 Words, published January, 1998


No Longer Have the Courage by M. Stanley Bubien
At least McCarthur didn't deny it: "War is Hell."
128 Words, published February, 1998


The Bolsheviks Were Ruthless by M. Stanley Bubien
Ah, the things we forget, and the things we remember...
512 Words, Published February, 2000

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