128 Words

Two Shoves

Brendan McKennedy

You told me to look over there and when I did you gave me a shove. I fell off my bike sideways so my shoulder hit the curb and my legs got tangled in the pedals wheels chain mess. There was blood, which you didn't expect. Your eyes filled with terror and you took off running for home, scared as hell. I didn't tell on you because I was in love with you.


We went to see a movie and during the movie I said, "Hey, look," and when you looked my way I zoomed in fast to kiss you---but you were quicker than I was, and you dodged me and your shoulder caught my neck so I made a gurgling choke sound. Then you shoved me.

Copyright ©2002 Brendan McKennedy. All Rights Reserved.

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Story Bytes


Aug/Sept, 2002
Issue #68

128 Words