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Jerry Poyner

Jamey was slight of build, less than 5'6" tall and he weighed a little less than 130 pounds. In a world of male models and movie stars, Jamey would have gone unnoticed had it not been for the extraordinary size of his soul. Jamey's soul extended almost 6 feet outward around his head and tapered down to encompass a three foot circle around his feet. With his short height, his soul ballooned into a sphere of influence of almost 12 feet, in sharp contrast to the average soul, which only extends 18 inches from the head and 4 inches from the feet.

Jamey could not carry around such a large soul without being personally aware of its presence. It bore down on him in much the same way the 300 pounds of fat burdened his Uncle Bruce.

Jamey and Beverly met at Jerry's Diner. Jamie and Beverly's souls came together the way two lovers might gently touch with a kiss. They looked at each other and as their eyes met they both smiled. Jamey stood up to walk closer to her, and said, "You have a huge soul!"

"You know don't you? You are the first person I've met that knows." Beverly said.

"Can we go someplace and talk?" Jamey asked.

"Yes, oh yes!" Beverly said, as she set the plates of food on an empty table and removed her apron. They walked out of the restaurant, each feeling the surprise from patrons as they left arm in arm.

"I thought I was the only one! I was just sure of it! Oh God, I am so glad I found you," Beverly said.

In their youth, Jamie and Beverly carried their souls with such energy that they seldom knew pain.

"Jamey, I didn't know I could be so happy and I've noticed that really foul souls don't bother me much anymore," Beverly said.

"I've noticed the same thing," Jamey said.

Unable to be apart, they opened a doughnut shop with their meager savings and worked from the early morning hours until nine each day. The doughnut shop was Beverly's idea since, as she said; "Only happy people are willing to risk the calories."

After a few years, growing human tragedies and violence on the streets clouded the joy they found in each other. Everywhere they went they could instantly transform from an intimate, loving, and happy couple, to very sorrowful souls.

Some children brought such stabs of pain that they would look at each other to see if blood was running out of their bodies from some silent wound.

They could and would have endured the endless ups and downs of life, but the lord is merciful with his gifts. The physical attacks on their bodies from their encounters began to take its toll. Before their fortieth birthdays, Jamey and Beverly, became very ill and one morning, they left the worldy vessels that so fiercely fueled and anchored their souls to this earth.

They were found in their apartment, holding and touching each other's faces, glowing with joy at their good fortune.

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October, 2002
Issue #78

512 Words