128 Words

The Long Walk Home

Paul M. Tag

Tuesday's shadows lengthened in Lahaina, on the island of Maui. Pristine air made the neighboring islands of Lanai and Molokai appear ever so close.

Alice waited patiently under the banyan tree for her husband, returning from his day of fishing. As the sun set she spotted him beyond the distant reach of the massive tree. They engaged in small talk as they trudged up the narrow streets.

As home drew near, Alice spotted a younger woman ahead.

"Hello, Mom---how are you?"

Alice stared at the woman briefly, but then continued walking.

"Come on Harry. Let's get you inside and fed."

The daughter's face saddened. It had been more than a year now---since Alice forgot that Harry had died at sea, on a Tuesday, ten years earlier.

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Aug/Sept, 2002
Issue #68

128 Words