128 Words

Lonely at the Top

Stephen D. Rogers

The decision to relocate the company headquarters to an abandoned lighthouse only meant Simons had to focus that much harder on his quest for a corner office.

He was more than up to the challenge, truly believing adversity built strength, trials brought valor, and the shortest distance between two points left something to be desired.

Simons knew himself destined for greatness.

Feeling a sudden burst of empowerment, Simons charged round and round the lighthouse stairs, building momentum, climbing ever higher, until at last he burst through the top a spent shotgun cartridge, the pellets of his being dispersed within and then gathered by the gray fog.

Now he spends his time racing ahead of the rotating light, echoing a cry at the lonely horn that warns others away.

Copyright ©2002 Stephen D. Rogers. All Rights Reserved.

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Story Bytes


October, 2002
Issue #78

128 Words