128 Words

Toys-R-Us Philosophy

Adam Keeble

"Why would Superman need a car?" asked Senior.

"You think one day suddenly he can't leap tall buildings? And in Metropolis, he would have to deal with switching his car to the other side of the street twice a week. Then there's the congestion. 'Sorry crime-victim. I would have been here sooner, but Fifth Avenue was at a standstill.'

"And this car is clearly more than a lowly reporter could afford. De Lorean wouldn't have made a car this elaborate. Superman logo tailfins for crying out loud! Just think of the insurance!"

Junior put the box back on the shelf without saying a word---paused briefly---then picked up another.

"A Spiderman helicopter!" sighed Senior.

Junior looked up at his father.

"Spiderman can't fly," he said.

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February, 2001
Issue #58

128 Words