256 Words

The Soliloquy

Jim O'Loughlin

From his seat in the back row, Kyle perchanced to think. I can't believe ENG 383 is Shakespeare and not advanced CAD/CAM. Who cares why Hamlet can't avenge his father's death? I hate my stepfather, but you don't catch me talking to myself about it.

Kyle looked down over the rows of students. Although, he thought, I did think about killing him after he made me get another job to pay for school. It was that time in church. I was embarrassed to be next to him with his singing all loud and out of tune. Every time the minister said something about "sacrifice," he'd start Amening. I remember thinking, when the hell did he ever sacrifice anything? He spends most of his life on the sofa sitting on his wide ass watching his wide screen TV. He won't even get up to buy his precious cheese curls. He makes me bring them home from work. This is supposed to be the best time of my life, and I spend half of it bagging groceries. How could Mom marry such a jerk? Right then I pictured the big ceiling fan in the church dropping down on his head. But then I thought, I wouldn't want him to die in a church. Maybe I could arrange it so his TV would crush him? Well, I don't know that I really wanted to kill him. I just thought about it a lot.

Kyle glanced at his watch. My God, he thought, another half-hour? Won't this class ever end?

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September, 2000
Issue #53

256 Words