128 Words

Shrine for Jimi Hendrix

Richard Denner

A diamond guitar spirals out of Sagittarius. A god in his constellation digs the celestial choir. I am invited to participate in an "Alter Show" at The Many Hands Gallery. I get my idea for my shrine after listening to a dude in a parking lot. His name was Ezekiel, and he said that Jose Arguelles had it wrong. The End of the World was not with the Mayan Calendar. The End of the World was in June. Going to blow the month of July away. He said that he had a vision of a 3-D constellation in the shape of a guitar, a diamond guitar that spiraled out of Sagittarius, and I thought of this connection to Jimi because he was born under the sign of Sagg.

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October, 2000
Issue #54

128 Words