128 Words

One Man's Nectar

Tania Hershman

The gods told me, on one of my regular visits up the Mount, that man made them laugh until they sobbed. It was better than cable TV, they screamed.

"How so?" I asked, sipping my nectar (which, frankly, was far too sweet. Would have preferred a whisky, but what can you do when there's a market monopoly?)

"Oh come on," boomed Zeus. "All that fiddling around with women, tippy-toeing, sensitivity, new-manness, listening, French films. What is that?"

Amid the shrieks and guffaws, I chucked my drink over the side, and wondered what I was supposed to say. Could I defend almost half the race all on my own, or would I just open us up to even more ridicule? It was bad enough they had us wearing togas.

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Story Bytes


July, 2000
Issue #51

128 Words