128 Words

Something Beautiful

Patricia Craigen

Seeing the old woman startles me. I stare openly at the soft aging line of her chin and at her hair, much grayer than I remember it to be. The worry lines on her brow deepen. I want to reach out to smooth them away. Then I see a smile that accentuates the laugh lines around her mouth. The stories of a full life are written all over her face.

A man enters the picture. He stands behind the woman's chair, leans down and puts his arms around her, kissing her hair. His hands are heavily veined and wrinkled but I can feel their strength. I place my hands on his.

As I study the reflection of my husband's face, our eyes meet, and I see something beautiful.

Copyright ©1999 Patricia Craigen. All Rights Reserved.

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Story Bytes


November, 1999
Issue #43

128 Words