128 Words


Carlton Mellick III

I have been reincarnated into many things, many times. I started out a mere quack-duck and died to exclaim a howl-wolf. Then into a maple tree, which was BIG and drip-murky, and into a race horse, which was fast-fast, into a kite, into a marble. Then I was a spooky house, a bowl of oatmeal, a space shuttle, a sentence of twelve words. I was reincarnated into a cough, a sandwich, a song, a lightning bolt, and a light bulb. Then a piece of paper with a love letter written on it, a bulldog's fart, a fatal Q-tip accident, a dance performance, a brilliant idea, a fat man jumping, a leaf in the water, an echo. But I am usually just a typo that needs to be erased...

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Story Bytes


August, 1999
Issue #40

128 Words