128 Words

Farewell, Suburbia

Anne Leung

...And there went the neighborhood. Why?

I told you to rock the vote, eat less fat, work smarter not harder, exercise at least three times a week, pray but not at school, keep your elbows off the table, clean your room, send your children to private schools, lock your doors, sit down and shut up, look both ways, beware of THEM, smile and nod, be all that you can be, call me and we'll do lunch, buy American, get professional help, fill in the bubbles completely with a number 2 pencil, be seen not heard, seek your inner child, come see me today or I can't save you any money, avoid the Eastside, paint your house in pastel colors, and free Willy.

Just try to defy me again.

Copyright ©1999 Anne Leung. All Rights Reserved.

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Story Bytes


April, 1999
Issue #36

128 Words