128 Words

Evolution Revolution

Elaine Cleveland

She gazed at the lifeless Earth from the steps of the last operational spaceship. She wished she could weep for the billions who had died.

"They wouldn't listen to us."

Her partner stood above her.

"Come inside. They paid the ultimate price."

"We can't make mistakes?"

"Of course we can. But we have our instructions. Make certain these frozen human embryos survive until we find a habitable planet. We are to nurture them, instruct them and remind them of Earth's fate."

"I know that! You can be most irritating at times."

"Yes. But we will succeed."

"And you are so arrogant!"

"I have been able to alter the plan. This time we will be the ones in charge!"

The two robots closed the hatch and prepared to launch.

Copyright ©1999 Elaine Cleveland. All Rights Reserved.

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September, 1999
Issue #41

128 Words