256 Words

Writer's Block

Mark Hansen

"What are you doing Daddy?" Sarah entered the study.

"I'm trying to write something." I picked her up and sat her on my lap.

"What about?"

"Well, to start with, about the moon. Perhaps you can help. Look at the moon and tell me what you see."

"I see a big round circle that I can't reach, so it must be a long way away. It seems lonely up there in the sky all by itself. I wonder if it has any friends. I'll bet it's cold too and sad that everyone's asleep so there's no-one to play with."

"Thanks darling, that's great. Just let me write this down."

The lonely moon looked down upon the Earth and felt its distance from
humanity. Lately I'd been identifying quite strongly with its lot in
life, more so since Joanna left. As a writer and spurned lover, I
felt I could empathise with its solitary and cold existence. At
night, when everyone was asleep, I often lay in bed wondering whether
I'd find another woman to play the relationship game with me.

"Now, I'd say its your bedtime young girl, so off to bed and I'll read you a story. Which one will it be?" I placed her gently on the floor and she skipped off towards her room.

"What about the mice and the cheese?" Pushing myself up from the chair I followed her cheerful voice.

"OK, the mice and the cheese it is."

"Jenny says the moon is made of cheese, Daddy. Is that really true?"

Copyright ©1998 Mark Hansen. All Rights Reserved.

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Story Bytes


December, 1998
Issue #32

256 Words