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I Saw Anthony Robbins

M. Stanley Bubien

I saw Anthony Robbins on the rocks yesterday. I mean I think it was him---you know, that guy that motivates people. They pay him, he motivates them. Pretty simple, really.

At the beach, I saw him---not a sandy beach, no, because winter storms had buried it under millions of cobble stones. Walking those cobbles, now that takes getting used to! At first, I hopped and stumbled because they were so rough---man, that hurt!---but after six months I developed callouses, see, so now I saunter over them like sidewalk. Practice makes perfect, I hear.

Anthony Robbins, he was climbing the cobbles---recognized his walk. Same walk he had six years ago up on stage; brought his own rocks though, hot rocks---coals, I think. "You can do anything you put your mind to." His exact words! Or close, anyway. And barefooted, he trod upon those coals like someone from India.

He's famous for that, fire-walking, and after an hour of "motivating" us, he declared we could do it too---pointed right at me, for God's sake!

No way, thought I. No freakin' way! And I slunk down in my seat. But there were volunteers---and they crossed those coals like Mr. Robbins had.

Forgot all about that, forgot it until yesterday when I saw Anthony Robbins at the beach walking on cobbles---well, more like stumbling really. Looked like me six months ago, hopping and going "ow, youch, oof!"

Yep, Anthony Robbins looked just like me.

At least, I think it was him.

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September, 1998
Issue #29

256 Words