512 Words

Ode to Nietzsche

M. Stanley Bubien

"God is dead," cried Crazy Jim,
From crowded coffee house he stood within.
"No, I'm not," Joe piously replied.
Askance saw Jim with one wild eye,
"You're not God, saith I because I know."
Hand up, Joe scored, "Believe me, it is so.
"On my heart, or on your dated Bible
"Swear I to myself or angel Michael."

Sweeping his arm, encompassing the crowd,
With ruffling trench coat, Jim spoke aloud,
"For me, for them, I challenge you give proof.
"Do tell us now, I ask without reproof."
Smiling ear to ear, clearing scratchy throat,
Joe called on wisdom then he gave this oath:
"Yes, I am a god, though you dare ask why,
"I'll tell you now speaking from on high.

"'Let there be light,' Say I to darkened world."
Joe paused a moment, letting tension curl.
Then continued he, "My solution's quick,
"Brightness I bring with light-switches' flick.

"Let lands appear, cloud-enshrouded mount
"Again on civilization I will count.
"Far below the clouds, stream my city streets,
"While high above, my skyscrapers reach.

"Let there be in the cosmos shining lights
"Referring, of course, to the stars of night.
"But my creations, too, twinkle in heaven,
"Airlines, satellites, on high they treaden.

"Let plants spring up from rock and seed.
"With sand and dust, the multitude I feed.
"As I carry water and pour it out,
"Even in deserts, life make I to sprout.

"Let the oceans with monsters team and churn.
"Mastering the seas, that I long have learned.
"For what monsters make these oceans boil?
"Below, above, they're ships I've built for toil.

"Let earth bring forth life, creatures many types.
"They travel the land, turning left and right,
"Some run wild, which I hunt for sport and game.
"While in my zoos, one and all have I tamed.

"And let there be man, image in mine own,
"The greatest challenge of all surely you know.
"In answer, a cell from my mouth I scrape,
"And here I clone myself upon a clear glass plate."

With these final words, tasting victory,
Smugly ended Joe his soliloquy.
A din erupted, with cheers all 'round,
The once-silent coffee house did resound.
Joe bowed to them, and their roar subsided.
Turning to Jim, smiling wide he chided:
"Remember these words as you turn and go.
"For here is truth: I am a god, it is so."

Though all accepted Joseph's speech as soothe,
No one knew if Jim acquiesced its truth.
At first a shrug, the only sign he offered,
Then next, from trench coat Jim proffered
Winchester rifle, lock stock and barrel,
And at Joe he aimed this cold grey metal.
From dated gun, three slugs Jim fired
Into Joe's heart, without the slightest ire.

Though on sullied floor, lifeless Joe lay
For an explanation his body begged.
Why, when faced with Joe's claim of deity,
Did Jim respond from lowest laity?
Obliging, Jim turned to address the crowd,
Of his reason, Jim's statement left no doubt:
Though empty coffee house he stood within,
"God is dead," cried Crazy Jim.

Copyright ©1997 M. Stanley Bubien. All Rights Reserved.

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November, 1997
Issue #19

512 Words