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Why I Give Blood Every Eight Weeks Without Fail

M. Stanley Bubien

I give blood every eight weeks without fail because Jesus gave blood for me once but it had to be a lot harder for him I'm sure because they tortured him and they just stick me with a needle and it's sterile anyway so I won't get sick or anything. I get a little dizzy when they poke me but I know my sacrifice isn't as much as Jesus' because he had a really hard time carrying the cross up that hill and got dizzy too I'm sure so I do it because it helps sick people and I know that's what Jesus wants me to do because it's the merciful thing to do. And when I've bled my pint and they pull the needle out I sit up and talk to the nice nurses about Jesus who shed a lot more than a pint of blood on the cross for me and them too and I tell them it had to be really hard for him I'm sure since the Roman soldiers used nails and the nurses only use needles. Besides I get to recover for fifteen minutes and eat donuts which is the best part and I tell the people I sit by about Jesus and that he spent three whole days recovering before he got to go to heaven and it was really hard descending to hell I'm sure but he did it and saved the whole world now and forever because he was merciful and I wonder if Jesus got donuts too.

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January, 1997
Issue #9

256 Words