128 Words


M. Stanley Bubien

Psychologists can be quite arrogant at times. But I decided to give it another try---and give Dr. Recctor the benefit of the doubt---because he came so highly recommended. My fears, however, were realized halfway into our session.

"I believe I've identified your main issue," Recctor told me.

"Oh?" I replied to his suspiciously quick diagnosis.

"Yes. It is simply this: You have difficulty admitting you are wrong."

When it was clear he had no more to say, I stood. "I'm sorry," I stated flatly, "I find it ludicrous that you think you've nailed all my problems down in just thirty minutes."

Closing the door behind me (I did pay for the whole session) I wondered---after four tries---if I would ever find a competent psychologist.

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Story Bytes


November, 1997
Issue #19

128 Words