256 Words

The Secret of My Success

M. Stanley Bubien

"What, pray tell Richard, do you mean 'Alisha's here'?" Thomas asked.

"Well," his friend replied with a grimace. "I guess she got invited."

"Who would've done something so absolutely foolish?"

"Uh... I... Look, this is your party." He patted Thomas' shoulder. "You're a partner now! You made it! Who cares if your ex is here?"

"Hmph. Right. I may have made some tough choices for---" Thomas stopped short. He'd spotted his ex-wife heading straight for him.

"Congratulations... Mister Thomas," she slurred. Slipping off her high heals, she threw both arms around Richard and as she hoisted herself up, she kissed him on the lips.

"Alisha!" Thomas said. "Get ahold of yourself."

Richard whispered into her ear. She pulled back, but they remained arm in arm.

"Sorry," Richard said. "I wanted to tell you... Alisha and I... We're seeing each other."

Thomas shook his head.

Doug kissed his wife. "Am I glad to be home!" He fell into his chair.

"Rough day?" Jean asked.

"Yeah. Must've broke a thousand nails."

Jean smiled.

"Oh!" Doug said. "Got paid today."

"Couldn't be all bad then," Jean replied as he handed her the check.

"Guess not, but you know most of that goes to rent."

Jean kissed her husband on the forehead. At that instant, their daughter tore into the room and cried, "Daddy! Look what I made today!" She jumped on his lap and waved a crayon encrusted paper in his face.

"That's beautiful Honey," Doug said with a wink to his wife. "Wanna tell Daddy what you drew?"

Copyright ©1996 M. Stanley Bubien. All Rights Reserved.

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August, 1996
Issue #5

256 Words