Four Days On a Trail of Tears
Day 1 -- Courier

M. Stanley Bubien

The farmer handed her two bags and the money.

As she hobbled for her meeting with the boy, she rubbed her stomach, focusing on the baby within. Her sandals kicked up dust, which the wind swirled around like a storm, making her feel as though it were drawing the whole village's attention.

Forgetting her baby, her eyes darted back and forth searching for Federalis.

She took a breath, forcing herself to think about something else. The money. Yes, the money---exactly what she needed to help start her baby's life right. A huge risk, she knew---three months wage against twenty years in jail---but the farmer had pointed out her advantage.

Who would expect a pregnant courier?

She stepped behind the kiln. The boy was waiting. He held out his hand, and she removed the bags of Coca leaves. As she gave one over, a whistle blew, and the boy darted away, still holding the bag. Voices called out. A Federali sprinted past.

Before she could run, an arm wrapped around her waist and held her fast.

The officer snatched away the second bag of Coca leaves. He spun her around, but froze, realizing for the first time that she was pregnant. With sunken features, he reached out to brush a strand of hair from her eyes, and his fingers came away moist.

She kept her gaze toward the ground, hearing his groan and his grip crushing the bag. Silently, reluctantly, he beckoned. Without resistance, she followed as he slowly led her toward the jail.

Based on a true story.
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Copyright ©1996 M. Stanley Bubien. All Rights Reserved.

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September, 1996
Issue #6

Four Days