256 Words

Behind the Lines

M. Stanley Bubien

(War sounds rage. Bombs exploding. People yelling. Gun fire. One sudden loud gunshot and ricochet.)

Soldier 1: "I've been shot! My god, I'm bleeding. Help me!"

Soldier 2: "Joe! It's okay Joe, I'm here for ya." (Yells.) "Medic!"

Soldier 1: "It hurts."

Soldier 2: "Hang on Joey. Medic's on his way." (Yells again.) "Medic!"

(Sound of Medic running toward two soldiers.)

Medic: "Here I am."

Soldier 1: "Doc! Doc! You haveta help me! I'm bleedin' doc. I'm bleedin'!"

Medic: "Hold on, son. Calm down. It's going to be okay. Now let me take a look."

(Battle sounds intrude as Medic examines wound.)

Soldier 2: (Quiet voice so wounded man doesn't hear.) "How is he, doc."

Medic: (Sighs. Also speaks quietly.) "He's not gonna make it."

Soldier 1: (Calling out.) "Doc! Doc!" (Lowers voice as both men come close.) "You gotta help me."

Soldier 2: "He's done all he can."

Soldier 1: "No! No, that's not..." ( Coughs.) "My wife. My boy. My baby boy. Who's gonna take care of them now?"

Soldier 2: "I... I'm sorry Joey!"

Soldier 1: "Do something for me... Please... Just one thing."

Soldier 2: "Anything."

Soldier 1: "Give my wife this." (Rustling as man grabs pendant from his neck.) "This locket. Give it back to her. And... And..." (Coughs heavily again.)

Soldier 2: "Joey!"

Soldier 1: (Gasping for breath, close to death.) "Tell her... Tell her I love her. I love them both..."

Soldier 2: "I will."

Soldier 1: (Coughs again.) "I... always... loved..." (Fades.)

Soldier 2: "Joey?" (Yells.) "Joey!"

Medic: "He's dead. Let go."

Soldier 2: "Poor Joey."

Medic: "At least he died a hero."

Soldier 2: (Ironic.) "Yeah. That'll comfort his son."

Medic: (Serious, missing irony.) "Yes. The boy can grow up proud knowing he died for the Fatherland. That he died serving his Fuhrer."

Copyright ©1996 M. Stanley Bubien. All Rights Reserved.

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Story Bytes


November, 1996
Issue #8

256 Words