Story Bytes, Issue #15, July 1997

8 Word Stories

The Great Equalizer
A Story of Clenched Fists Raised Skyward
by M. Stanley Bubien
It's about absolute power.

64 Word Stories

The Little Things by June Guenette
You know the saying.

Smoking Kills by Alex Keegan
Well it does.

256 Word Stories

Changing Direction by M. Stanley Bubien
It's been called the most sensitive of all five senses.

The Heart of Christ by M. Stanley Bubien
Be careful what you pray for...

My Grandfather's Hands by M. Stanley Bubien
Grandparents are precious for so many reasons.

Pediatric Analgesics by Thomas Sennett
Ah, the things you hear in a doctor's office.

512 Word Stories

Honey Baboon by Thomas Sennett
People often find comfort in the most unusual places.

Story Bytes