Story Bytes, Issue #13, May 1997

64 Word Stories

A Computer-Generated Story by Looflirpa
What's in a name? Perhaps everything.

256 Word Stories

A Face in the Doorway by M. Stanley Bubien
Wasn't there a commercial once that went something like, "Parts is parts"?

Knock Knock by Kcp
Some things, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder.

This They Can Never Take by M. Stanley Bubien
Justice, like riches is fleeting, but some things we always keep.

512 Word Stories

My Best Friend's Motorbike by M. Stanley Bubien
It can take a lot to drive friends apart.

1024 Word Stories

On Eagle's Wings -- A Parable Inspired
by the Legends of the Kwaaymii Indians
by M. Stanley Bubien
Becoming the chief of people takes falling and falling and falling.


Episode 10 -- Bulldozer by M. Stanley Bubien
One break, comin' up!

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