Story Bytes, Issue #12, April 1997

4 Word Stories

The Clone Clings to His Fantasy by M. Stanley Bubien
Where clones share something in common with penguins.

32 Word Stories

Individuality by Mike Moser
You know the saying: You can't take what...

256 Word Stories

After All's Said and Done by M. Stanley Bubien
Just one question, asked non-challantly, almost as if, for a moment, it even really mattered.

Difficult to Remember by M. Stanley Bubien
Justice can sometimes be a matter of perspective.

When One is Found Guilty by M. Stanley Bubien
Some people believe we've lost our sense of corporate guilt. Some don't.

512 Word Stories

Once The Perfect Has Quickened by M. Stanley Bubien
Perfection comes and perfection goes.

The Watering Hole by M. Stanley Bubien
Wishes are sometimes made from below, sometimes from above.


Episode Nine -- Brush Fire by M. Stanley Bubien
A trial by fire.

Story Bytes